After 2 years, a chance for the voices of 138 changemakers to matter

After 2 years, a chance for the voices of 138 changemakers to matter

Calling on all the fellow 138 competitors from a widely popularised national competition 2 years ago (the one where there were only 6 winners (which was supposed to be only 5)). Our voices have the chance to matter now. There’s a survey (audit) about that program. Maybe we can influence change for the future.

Although they might call us the losers – I think we’re more like the champions. We had to continue, with zero support from this program and in face of the knowledge that only 6 are good enough for Canada to support. For most of us our efforts are unrecognised. Unlike all 6 selected, most of us weren’t already successful to start, and most of us were “screened out”, if we were a tiny bit different than the panel’s view of success.

They could have recognised the work that we’ve done. Maybe a short article, or something, anything, really. No cost to them. Instead, they chose to completely ignore all 138 of us. Were we even humans to them? It seems odd, their marketing says they wanted to change representation in the entire sector in Canada. They were given 144 amazing changemakers. And yet, did they? They only cared about the winners, everyone else was discarded. For some of us, it felt like we were let down by our own country.

Let’s all fill out the survey. Let them know, the amount of impact it could have had – had they chosen to not destroy more dreams than they lifted up. Had they chosen to support hundreds of our necessary ideas, ventures, and projects, with smaller amounts.

Allowing a few decision makers think it’s permissible to support only 6 projects for the future of our planet and country … it’s just scary to be honest. We’re going to need a lot more than 6 projects. There’s no need for a program from Canada to emulate how things work in the private sector. Their duty is to support, and be equitable in their support.

So let’s all fill out the survey, and see if we can affect change. This is all just my personal opinion (an unpopular one, I bet) and not reflective of any groups, people, or anything like that that I’m affiliated with.

Photo by Patryk Sobczak on Unsplash