Dream Team EJA Preliminary Presentation

Dream Team EJA Preliminary Presentation

Hello everyone!

We had our preliminary presentation about EJA, the ropeless pop-up fishing gear robot as a part of the Hackaday Dream Teams initiative.

We were joined by Clarissa Redwine who is a fellow at NYU and very knowledgable about design and tech Kickstarter campaigns, as well as Dr. Trippel from the Canada Department of Fisheries and Oceans who has been working with the ropeless fishing gear community, along with Majenta Strongheart and Giovanni Salinas from Supplyframe DesignLab.

During the presentation we cover the differences from v1 to v2, outline the testing considerations, and see a preview of the software. More progress is documented on our Hackaday.io page.

Through the discussion emerged an interesting point of how we will get this into the hands of fishers. There are advantages and disadvantages to either the Kickstarter or traditional approach. A pertinent example being the possibility of promoting illegal fishing through the accessibility of this device. Perhaps this might be getting ahead of ourselves before completing beta testing with a fisher.

On the team is Leonardo Ward from Venezuela on electronics, Oluwatobi Oyinlola from Nigeria on software, and myself here from Canada on design. Collaborating with the team is great – always learning something new or from a different perspective. We meet every morning! Eja is the Yoruba word for fish.

We’re fortunate to have the support of Supplyframe DesignLab on fabrication, along with weekly meets with Giovanni to help give some feedback to our progress and design decisions, and Majenta has been helping behind the scenes as well. Also, this was entirely a surprise, we received t-shirts! The artwork is on the back, and it looks amazing in real life.

Upcoming this week in the design phase is electro-mechanical integration. There are preliminary dimensions based on the design, and soon we will see if the electronics will fit. This is always one of the most exciting parts of the design process!

Some fabrication has commenced, with more to follow as portions of the design are nearing completion. This phase of the project is to wrap up end of August. It will be a sprint to the finish line to get this device complete by the deadline. v2 will be released as open source, as was v1.

Postcard update

Thought it would be a good idea to send a postcard to myself to make sure the postcard design is correct as some of the guidelines differed. Here it is on its way out, fingers crossed it will make its way back.

Happenings on Earth

Today on Earth brought a mismatch between weather radar predictions and what actually was unfolding on the ground. Check out the photo, taken on planet Earth while on a bicycle, and the radar, taken from space.

(Click to see high-res version)

As the radar moves from more definition to less, this is when it changes from recently processed to future predicted. The part where the storm completely disappears to a different location entirely was comical!

Back to designing now – discovered a better way of doing something, now have to redo some work to fix. ?


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