Rapidly Deployable Automation System

(CubeSat Swarm Robot)

Developed as a final project for Fab Academy, Rapidly Deployable Automation System (RDAS) follows a vision of wanting to be able to quickly apply automation to any given task. This robot was the forerunner of Robot Missions’ Bowie robot. The robot is the size of a 1u CubeSat, measuring 10cm x 10cm x 10cm. The chassis is 3D printed with a combination of rigid, flexible, and in-print magnets.

There are a lot of electronics packed in to that small area. Including two custom made circuit boards, Xbee comms unit, battery, DC motors, and some sensors and LEDs. The robot is remotely operated through the Tele-operational Headband, which used an IMU to detect movement of the wearer’s head. It would send data wirelessly to the RDAS robot to make it move.

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