MANOI Humanoid + Mesh Network

MANOI was essentially my first start into robotics outside of LEGO. I saved up my money from my job at the time and purchased the kit. It was amazing. Everything back then seemed so confusing and unknown. I loved it! The controller board used Japanese software that I didn’t understand fully, but somehow made it work. I wasn’t quite interested in using the humanoid for what it was typically used for (fighting, running, and dance competitions), and wanted to make it custom.

Eventually I started to replace the components that came with the robot and added my own. A new controller, a servo controller, sensors, and writing my own code to control the robot better. I dove in to mesh networks and made it communicate with my other robots too. MANOI’s main purpose was as a hockey playing robot. Until its knee servos stopped working. Eventually, I got to meet the maker of MANOI at RoboGames in 2012, it was an amazing moment to thank them in person for making such a great robot to learn from.

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