Embed Autodesk Fusion 360 3D model into webpage

Embed Autodesk Fusion 360 3D model into webpage

In Autodesk Fusion 360, right click on your model in the browser and press Share public link. You will be shown a link that could look something like this:


Go to that url in your browser, and it will redirect to a longer url, like this:


Copy that url, then paste it into this below snippet where it says URL HERE. This is the HTML iframe code that will embed this into your page:

<iframe src="URL HERE?mode=embed" allowfullscreen="true" 
webkitallowfullscreen="true" mozallowfullscreen="true" 
width="640" height="480" frameborder="0"></iframe>

Now we can test this:


Open source & 3D printing community progress for COVID-19

It’s been inspiring to see the open source and 3D printing community rally together locally and globally to deliver some solutions for COVID-19 when facing supply chain shortages and increasing demand. Here’s a summary of what I’ve seen:

• Prusa published a design for face shields and a post

• People all over are replicating this. Including in KW!

• If we want to replicate, we need 0.5mm sheets of PETG

• But also, acetate sheets (for old projectors) will work

• To sanitize after printing and assembling, one option is to use an ozone generator in closed container outdoors

• MUHC/MGH announced an open source ventilator design challenge

• helpful-engineering on JOGL (Just One Giant Lab) has a lot of information available, specifically this document

• OxyGEN has posted their design

• ReesistenciaTeam has created a design that looks promising as well

• There’s also OpenLung

There are resources to learn about mechanical ventilation, and a slideshow