Erin is an eccentric robotics inventor and avid learner. She is the founder of Robot Missions. Her passion for robotics has lead her to interesting opportunities such as recently completing International Space University SSP19. Erin actively practices an anti-disciplinary approach to her projects.

The question Erin is trying to answer through her work is:

How can we use robots to boost our efforts in restoring Earth’s environment?

Presently, you can find her working on her robotics and space startups, and also as an Electronics Designer at the Prototyping Lab in the Innovation Centre at Bayview Yards, in Ottawa, Canada. Her favourite machine to operate is the BigRep, a large format 3D printer, of which there are only 4 in Canada. She is a proud member of the Ottawa Global Shapers (an initiative of the World Economic Forum).

Erin is always on the lookout for compelling challenges that require a blend of creativity and tech.

Focus Areas


Erin is currently developing a terrestrial rover using 3D printing and generative design for environmental missions such as collecting plastics, and monitoring air quality. This work is done through Robot Missions with an inspiring team of volunteers. Having an unconventional path to education, Erin has learned from online tutorials and mentors on how to build robots.


Erin is currently working on a new space startup developing infrastructure on the lunar surface to extend the lifetime of rover missions by having robust communication, charging power, and shelter. She completed the International Space University Space Studies Program 2019 to further her knowledge of space.


Erin and the Robot Missions volunteers are currently developing educational content for schools to get started in environmental robotics. The idea is that a school will replicate the robot using their own 3D printers, and students will learn hands-on about inventing their own add on to the environmental robotics ecosystem.




Do you have any questions? Have an idea in mind to be collaborators on an amazing project? Are you inspired by what you saw? Robot stuck and being eaten by a boa constrictor? Any speaking or art opportunities? It would be amazing to hear from you! Let’s get in touch! Please send a message, and take a moment to fill out the additional information questions to break the ice.

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