It’s been inspiring to see the open source and 3D printing community rally together locally and globally to deliver some solutions for COVID-19 when facing supply chain shortages and increasing demand. Here’s a summary of what I’ve seen:

• Prusa published a design for face shields and a post

• People all over are replicating this. Including in KW!

• If we want to replicate, we need 0.5mm sheets of PETG

• But also, acetate sheets (for old projectors) will work

• To sanitize after printing and assembling, one option is to use an ozone generator in closed container outdoors

• MUHC/MGH announced an open source ventilator design challenge

• helpful-engineering on JOGL (Just One Giant Lab) has a lot of information available, specifically this document

• OxyGEN has posted their design

• ReesistenciaTeam has created a design that looks promising as well

• There’s also OpenLung

There are resources to learn about mechanical ventilation, and a slideshow