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eccentric robotics inventor

Selected Work

I’m lucky to have worked on several projects. Here are a few of them which show my skills in action. Click through to see the entire project page.

Robot Missions

AR & VR for Space Applications

MSL Curiosity Wheel Large Multi-Material 3D Print

Rapidly Deployable Automation System


MANOI Humanoid + Mesh Network

Blog – Works in Progress

Dream Team EJA Preliminary Presentation

Dream Team EJA Preliminary Presentation

Hello everyone! We had our preliminary presentation about EJA, the ropeless pop-up fishing gear robot as a part of the Hackaday Dream Teams initiative. We were joined by Clarissa Redwine who is a fellow at NYU and very knowledgable about design and tech Kickstarter...

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Project Roster – Autumn 2020

Here are the variety of projects I have in mind to work on next. Their purposes vary in their degrees of practicality, potential monetization, and skills learning. The reason why there are multiple projects is to avoid stagnation, and this is based on one of the major...

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Custom Eagle Symbol + Footprint / Package (without the fluff)

symbol (schematic) 1. find your library, right click and select open 2. library -> manage symbols 3. enter name of symbol in the new field, press ok 4. select yes on the dialog 5. now you're in the symbol editor window 6. select pin on the left hand tool bar, add...

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Defeat “should”s with the Frivolous Project Matrix

Defeat “should”s with the Frivolous Project Matrix

Sometimes there are moments in my personal projects when all across the board it is (what I call) 'boring' work. A task is considered boring when it does not involve any creativity, technical, or learning. This type of work does not help keep my soul alive. The...

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Glowing Space Egg

Glowing Space Egg

Side project to experiment diffusing addressable rgb leds with 3D prints. The shell was 1.5mm thick, from translucent PLA material. If you curve the strip of leds opposite to the profile created by the shell, it helps diffuse it a bit better since it's further away,...

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Embed Autodesk Fusion 360 3D model into webpage

Embed Autodesk Fusion 360 3D model into webpage

In Autodesk Fusion 360, right click on your model in the browser and press Share public link. You will be shown a link that could look something like this: Go to that url in your browser, and it will redirect to a longer url, like this:...

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Current Projects

Robot Missions

Low cost 3D printed robots tackling environmental challenges, such as the plastic pollution challenge


Always learning, here is my experience that I’ve picked up along the journey. Currently, I am learning about Generative Design.


  • Basic 2 layer circuit board layout
  • Basic circuit schematic drawing
  • Soldering
  • Debugging


  • Visualise systems in my mind
  • Firmware libraries in C++
  • Arduino sketches
  • Processing sketches in Java
  • Some Javascript
  • Some Python
  • Cocoa Objective-C (rusty)
  • Debugging without a debugger
  • Architecture diagrams


  • Autodesk Fusion 360: Solids and Meshes
  • Basic understanding of FEA simulations
  • Retouching in Meshmixer
  • Basic product design sketches
  • Adobe Illustrator for laser cutting
  • Visualise mechanisms in my mind


  • Laser cutter (CO2 & Fibre)
  • 3D printer (FDM – hobby, Fortus 450MC, BigRep One; SLA – Formlabs 1 & 2)
  • CNC milling (Shopbot small & large format; Othermill (now known as Bantam Tools))
  • Voltera (conductive ink deposition)


  • Final Cut Pro X for video editing
  • Adobe Photoshop for graphics
  • Garageband for music mixing
  • HTML & CSS for basic webpage design
  • Open Broadcast Studio (OBS) for livestreaming


  • Crowdfunding
  • Preparation of pitch decks
  • Pitching to stakeholders
  • Raising support & funding
  • Writing grant applications
  • Managing volunteer team
  • Being multiple different roles
  • Understanding contributing factors to unintended learning experiences

Skill Areas

Learning robotics covers a breadth of areas. My top 3 are design, programming, and electronics. All of these require creativity. Click through to see my work and experience in these areas.

Weird Fact

One of my early projects was a voice interactive robot software. You would speak with it through voice recognition, it would interpret it through its conversation engine, then it would respond using text-to-speech. The idea was dismissed and not recognized by science fair judges. Fast forward one decade, now voice assistants are commonplace, such as Apple’s Siri, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home. You never know where the next interesting idea may come from in its early forms and how important it is to encourage (not discourage) young inventors.


One of my future dreams is to run an audacious research & development laboratory / studio. We would build tech that is creative bricolage and uncommon. Pushing the edge, but also important is putting it in the hands of everyday citizens and in public spaces. This lab / studio would provide a community for the young inventor outcasts out there, and it would be supportive to try different things no matter the result. The team would be comprised of all disciplines, from music to art to engineering to philosophy to biology to medicine to geology. The outputs from our lab / studio would be distributed to the hands of citizens globally through distributed manufacturing (3D printing) for them to apply in their local community.

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“Around here, however, we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we’re curious, and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” – Walt Disney